Early Childhood Mentor Teacher

We are looking for energetic, open-minded teachers to foster curiosity, exploration, and respect with young children (and adults). One of Our Neighborhood’s values is authenticity. As such, we hope that our teachers will bring their full selves to work, with all their diverse perspectives to share.  An Our Neighborhood team member should first love working with children. Teachers act from a belief that young children are competent individuals worthy of a loving engaging environment. Strong candidates have a disposition towards learning and reflection, collaboration skills, and the ability to be self directed.

As a teacher at Our Neighborhood, you will have an opportunity to learn from diverse teaching teams and contribute your gifts to a thriving school. We hope you will join us in positively impacting the lives of young children and families. As a mentor teacher you will be expected to continue learning and growing as well as sharing your knowledge. In this position you will be responsible for observing colleagues and providing constructive feedback to mentor new teachers. Our Neighborhood provides many professional development opportunities for teachers to learn and grow; through which you can continue to develop to be the leader you want to be.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Interacting and connecting with children, families, and Our Neighborhood partners in ways that support strong relationships, respect and collaboration.
  • Working in a co-teaching team to maintain a healthy, safe, and engaging classroom environment, develop curriculum
  • Communicating daily with families, scheduling and conducting bi-annual parent-teacher conferences, supporting families in their learning.
  • Fostering a rich Reggio-inspired curriculum based in a strong view of children as learners and thinkers.
  • Using Our Neighborhood philosophies (ex: RIE, Non-Violent Communication, Conscious Discipline) to inform daily practice.
  • Approaching conflicts as opportunities to learn and coaching children to be problem solvers.
  • Learning about and participating in Holacracy, a unique organizational structure allowing for an agile, self-governing system, rather than a traditional hierarchical approach.
  • Continuing to learn about early childhood development and various topics related to working with young children
  • Providing ongoing mentoring and support for co-teachers by observing and providing regular feedback
  • Facilitating professional development opportunities for colleagues


  • Committed to children
  • Able to meet the physical demands of the position (i.e. care for active young children, outdoors in all weathers, repetitive bending and lifting)
  • Must have creativity, understanding, and flexibility necessary for working with children, parents and team members.
  • Excellent communication skills – proactive in asking questions to learn
  • Willingness to problem solve and work collaboratively
  • Ability to be self-directed, manage time and complete projects
  • Open to learning, ability to self-reflect regularly
  • Work experience with children ages 0-8
  • Educational background in Early Childhood, Psychology, or Education

Salary: 31,200 - 35,000 annually

Job Type: Full Time

Email a cover letter and resume to [email protected] to apply.