Family Link

We are looking for energetic, open-minded teachers to foster curiosity, exploration, and respect with young children. One of Our Neighborhood’s values is authenticity. As such, we hope that our teachers will bring their full selves to work, with all their diverse perspectives to share.  An Our Neighborhood team member should first love working with children. Teachers act from a belief that young children are competent individuals worthy of a loving engaging environment. Strong candidates have a disposition towards learning and reflection, collaboration skills, and the ability to be self directed.

As a teacher at Our Neighborhood, you will have an opportunity to learn from diverse teaching teams and contribute your gifts to a thriving school. We hope you will join us in positively impacting the lives of young children and families. 

We are hoping to find someone prepared to step into a Family Link role. One of the most powerful things about our school is the practice of continuity of care. We aim to keep children and teachers together from children’s enrollment until their third birthday. Supporting relationships zero-to-three is essential to high quality early childhood education and we are looking for teachers interested in making a 3 year commitment to getting to know a group of infants and their families as well as fostering their growth during such a critical period. 


  • Must communicate respectfully with children, colleagues, and families.
  • Must be physically capable of caring for active children, being outdoors in all weather, bending and lifting.
  • Vaccinated for COVID-19 or have a religious or medical exemption. 
  • Committed  to spending three years growing with a group of young children.


  • Building deep authentic community relationships based in mutual respect.
  • Creating a safe environment for children to take healthy risks. 
  • Fostering a Reggio-inspired curriculum based on a view of children as competent learners and thinkers.
  • Using Our Neighborhood philosophies (ex: RIE, Nonviolent Communication, Conscious Discipline).
  • Engaging with self management practices of Holacracy.


  • Keeping composure to support children through challenges. 
  • Maintaining awareness, presence, and attunement in a fast paced changing environment.
  • Receiving and implementing feedback in a lifelong learning environment.
  • Having the ability to be self-directed and self-reflective.

Career Path

Most of our teachers begin just trying to learn everything they can about the classroom and getting into the flow of working with young children the Our Neighborhood way. Because we use Holacracy there are many diverse roles open to all teachers who want to learn and grow with us. Teachers take on roles in hiring, enrollment, outdoor environments, pedagogical leadership, and more. We want you to pursue your passions for professional growth and help bring those passions into the learning community. 

Salary: 32,510 annually

Job Type: Full Time

Email a cover letter and resume to [email protected] to apply.