Erica Sledd


Erica was born in Greene County and has spent her entire life in the Charlottesville area. She was a gymnastics coach for 10 years where she coached age groups ranging from 18 months to 18 years.  While coaching, she found herself drawn more to the toddler aged children.  She was very interested in gaining a better understanding of how children at that age think, process information, and function.

Erica began looking into different coaching and teaching techniques when she came across Our Neighborhood.  In college, she studied psychology, sociology, early childhood psychology, and plans to finish her degree and become a preschool teacher.  The first three years are a very essential part of a person’s life. Erica intends to learn as much as she can from Our Neighborhood and implement the philosophies taught here to the best of her abilities at work and at home with her own children.