Respectful Parenting Support Group

Come join other parents and caregivers in supporting each others' journey in respectful parenting.

Welcome Note:

Hi Everyone! I am so excited that we now have this Respectful Parenting Support group! As I have started my journey through parenthood, I have found how helpful and constructive community support can be. When my son began to attend Our Neighborhood Child Development Center, I learned that there was way more to parenting than I had expected. I also learned a lot about the kind of parent I want to be and realized that my previous support systems did not support my parenting goals as much as I needed. I saw the need for a community group to support myself and other parents and caregivers interested in respectful parenting. Luckily, I was able to reach out to Jenn from Our Neighborhood and she was happy to undertake this project with me. Thus this respectful parenting group has begun!

I hope that this group becomes a safe place for you work through any parenting challenges you may have, and provides you with additional tools and resources that assist you in meeting your parenting goals.


  • 3rd Sunday of the Month from 3:30-5:00 pm See the calendar for upcoming dates.
  • We will be meeting at Our Neighborhood Child Development Center
  • Host: Gloria Colombaro, Our Neighborhood Mom
  • Support: Jennifer Slack, Our Neighborhood Founder
  • Strong parent-child relationships through mutual trust and respect.
  • A safe connected place for learning.
  • Topics will be group driven.
  • Everyone is welcome!

We can do this together!

All caregivers are welcome at any of the Our Neighborhood classes and we happily provide professional development hours to teachers who need credit. Caregiver refers to anyone who is working regularly with young children such as parents, teachers, nannies, and others who support young children. ​This event is free. Infant in arms welcome but other child care will not be provided.