90 Minute Baby Sleep Program

by Polly Moore

Not Recommended

90 min sleep book 1


The biggest value in this book is that it encourages you not to let your child get overtired. Again this is a prescriptive schedule of when your child should sleep. “90 Minute Baby Sleep Program” by Polly Moore was a popular one among our 2012 cohort of families. In this book, it is based on when they woke up. Many parents believe they have noticed a 90 minute cycle and find this book helpful in the early years. If using better timing, as the book has suggests, doesn’t work there is not much additional advice. There is very little support for beyond the first 9-12 months of life in the “90 Minute Baby Sleep Program”. I wouldn’t spend time reading this one because the basic information is, notice your baby’s sleep cues and don’t let them get over tired.


  • Can be a bit rigid.
  • Only really addresses early infancy through about 9 months.