Choosing Child Care

Having a new baby at home will surely be a new adventure for your families. There are many decisions new parents face as they begin their journey and the decision to return to work is one of the most fundamental. Families who return to work will face even bigger questions around when a child will start care, what type of care is best for your family, and how to choose a good program.

sq=considering a nanny - teacher toddler bond building

Nannies can provide consistent care in children's homes while their family is away. 

sq-child care and preschool - toddler sensory experience

Group care can provide social experiences and a community of support for families. 

sq-hybrid care options

Families can maximize their time with children and accommodate atypical schedules with a hybrid option. 

sq -planning your return to work

The timing and logistics of returning to work can play a part in choosing quality care. 

sq-how much time at school - social toddlers in reggio inspired preschool

Reflecting on how to balance children's busy lives starts very young.

sq- touring a ece program

There is so much to look for and ask when you're exploring an early childhood program. 

sq-understanding your rights

Strict regulations in most states support families rights while their child is in an ECE program. 

sq what is high quality early childhood - primary caregiver builds relationships with tots through joyful moments

Research indicates play based learning best supports young children. What does that curriculum look like?