Dr. Becky Bailey’s Conscious Discipline

CONSCIOUS DISCIPLINE© was written by Dr. Becky Bailey who has compiled, summarized, and formatted years of brain development research into a digestible and practical format for teachers and families. Conscious Discipline© uses the word discipline in its traditional meaning, "to teach." The goal is to teach through bringing conscious awareness to the child. Conscious Discipline© is based on teaching and parenting with the brain in mind. This information about brain development provides the foundation for the practices of Conscious Discipline©. Loving Guidance is the parent company for all of Becky Bailey’s work. www.ConsciousDiscipline.com

Brain Basics

  • Brains are wired by our experiences, and the foundation of the brain is built in the early years.

  • Children need serve-and-return interactions, and attuned care from adults to build their brain. 

  • Support to calm stress can build the brain, but without support, stress can be toxic.

Your Role in Brain-Based Teaching in Three Steps

safety - teacher toddler bond support
  • Attuned and composed adult
  • Emotional, social, and physical safety
  • Predictability
unconditional love - teacher infant bonds
  • Connection - A sense of belonging
  • Empathy - An understanding of their needs and perspective
  • Encouragement - Support, acceptance, coaching, and acknowledgement
  • Choices - Autonomy and free will
  • Positive Intent - Acknowledging of needs and intention to meet needs
  • Brainstorming - Considering alternatives and their possible impact 
  • Learning - Discovering new ways to meet needs 
  • Meta-cognition - Thinking about thinking

Conscious Discipline Skills

To build this brain-based parenting model, Conscious Discipline relies on the following seven skills.

We know from brain research that adults cannot teach what they do not know. Adults work to build the Conscious Discipline skills in themselves and through our practice, play, and connection with children we support the child’s development of these skills.

Conscious Discipline Resources

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