Doula Services

Our Neighborhood Child Development Center began due to a passion for supporting infants, young children, and their families. As many of our team members became moms we realized that families have already gone through so much even before their infant's first day of school. In an effort to achieve our purpose of "Being a partner on your journey with children." We are now supporting parents through the start of their families.

Our Neighborhood provides doula services to support growing families. In a flawed medical system it is critical that birthing people have support in navigating their transition to parenthood. We have always worked with parents to reflect on the power dynamics in their family, and yet your role as an advocate for your child will likely start before you even bring them home. Our aim is to support you from where you are to where you'd like to be with authentic, respectful, and connected partnership.


We have trained full spectrum doulas to support you through conception challenges, adoption, pregnancy, selecting health care providers, miscarriage, birth, post partum care, and the transition to parenthood. Though we provide full spectrum care below are the most common services we provide. If you're looking for something structured a little differently don't hesitate to ask.

Prenatal, Birth, and Postpartum Care

  • 2 Prenatal meetings to prepare for birth and parenthood.
  • Presence at birth during early labor, active labor, and birth as well as an hour post partum.
  • 2 Postpartum meetings to process birth and new parent roles.
  • Full digital access as much as reasonably possible.

$1500 Fee

Just Birth Support

  • We recommend care from prenatal through post partum but some birthing people would like to focus on just birth support.
  • Initial prenatal meeting.
  • Presence at birth during early labor, active labor, and birth as well as an hour postpartum.
  • Final postpartum meeting.

$1000 Fee

Postpartum Care

  • Care for mother and baby in the sensitive postpartum period.
  • This is the recommended structure, more or less support is also available.
  • 90 minute visits two times per week in the first four weeks and once a week to week eight.
  • Cooking, cleaning, nursing support, infant support, emotional support, physical caregiving.

$800 Fee

Self Design the Support You Need

We are happy to help you design the support you need day or night at any point during your journey into parenthood.