International Mud Day

International Mud Day (IMD) is a day that encourages kids, families, and teachers worldwide to get outside and get dirty.  IMD takes place each year on June 29. Because we here at Our Neighborhood (ON) live the muddy life year-round, and we need to make IMD a bit more extravagant than the average person.  At ON, we take great joy in allowing children to express themselves through play.

1 - 2017 imd (5)
2 - 2017 imd (12)
3 - 2017 imd (14)
4 - 2017 imd toddler fills buckets with mud
2017 imd (15)

Mud play is learning! Explore more resources about the benefits of mud play and how it's not just fun.

What are you doing to celebrate International Mud Day?


Reflections from Mud Day 2017

"Mud play is inclusive of all children. It allows children to play at their own developmental level. Mud is an open ended material that meets the diverse needs and interests of different children. Younger or less skilled children might focus on the sensory experience whereas older children may have more specific goals in mind for their mud play. [...] With mud, there is something for everyone and there are no wrong answers."

2017 imd (4)

“I was surprised that my lil gal looked like a coal miner. 😉 I wouldn’t have thought she could pull off a full grown [mud] beard but she can (haha).” ~ Our Neighborhood Parent

2017 imd (31)

“One quick thing I noticed about K, was how he climbed into the tub of muddy water for full body splashing. Kaden loves splashing in the pool or the tub, but is usually far too reserved to do so around people besides myself and his mom.  During mud day he climbed right into the muddy tub of water and continued splashing even when J decided to join him. I think he felt more confident knowing I was right there with him and that enabled him to continue expressing himself through big splashes even when other friends joined him. ~Our Neighborhood Dad

2017 imd (20)

“Like many other adults, I’ve been socialized to believe that dirt is dirty and we should stay away from it as much as possible. Would not have thought it to be the learning tool that it is. Also reminded me that I grew up on a farm with lots of animals (and dirt) and that today’s kids don’t have that luxury to explore on their own. Will need to make sure Sa has these opportunities given her relatively sterile suburban existence.” ~Our Neighborhood Parent

2017 imd toddlers explore natural materials through senses