Bring Our Neighborhood Educators to You

We are happy to share our expertise!

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Our Neighborhood team members are available to speak to other educators and leaders on the following topics:

  • Continuity of Care - The practice of keeping young children with the same teachers from age zero to three.
  • The Problem with Praise - Why teachers need to find better language than praise to support children's learning and developing sense of self.
  • Reggio Inspired Infant Toddler Classrooms - How to use project-based emergent curriculum with children under three.
  • A Power-With Classroom: Rejecting the Reward-Punishment Model in the Early Years - Creating a classroom based on power-with instead of power-over children. Coaching children to be self-disciplined problem solvers.
  • Getting Outside - The nitty gritty of what it takes to get infants and toddlers out daily in all weather
  • Power-With Leadership - The story of how Our Neighborhood became a Holacracy powered organization.
  • Parent Engagement - Supporting families to build their child development knowledge and serve as their children's advocates.
  • Loose Parts Lab - Exploration of how loose parts can impact the learning process.
  • We are happy to speak on other topics if we have the expertise, reach out with your suggestions.

We charge $100 per hour per presenter to speak at early childhood programs. We offer one to two hour lectures, however we prefer hands on learning experiences. Hands on learning experiences are best suited to three hour blocks or more. We also offer coaching and facilitation of small group reflective practices. Meals and travel expenses fees will be added for trainings outside of central Virginia.