Beyond Discipline

by Alfie Kohn

Recommended by ONCDC


“Beyond Discipline” is our favorite of Alfie Kohn’s books, though “Unconditional Parenting” is also a very valuable read.”Beyond Discipline” is written for classroom teachers . Kohn delves into how our view of children underlies everything we do and why we need to move to a community model. Kohn then outlines what a community model would look like in the classroom. Parents and teachers could benefit from exploring “Beyond Discipline”.

Key Points:

  • Interesting insight into the idea consequences and pseudo-choice.
  • The appendixes are good resources to keep around!


  • Like most of Kohn’s work this can be a bit like reading a manifesto from a soapbox.
  • The changes the book proposes are a massive shift from the way most teachers were taught to teach which isn’t a bad thing but likely most teachers will need to go beyond just this book if they expect to actually change their practices.