Holacracy Coaching

Certified Holacracy Facilitator and Coach

Team debreifs in pairs.
Team works to create a chart together.
Team charts ideas together.

Power-with leaders support power-with classrooms. We would love to help you transform your organizational structure.

  • Talk through indvidual challenges with Holacracy implementation and practice.
  • Workshop circle struggles or individual struggles.
  • Talk through confusions and myths to get on track.
  • An experienced facilitator to allow you to focus on getting work done.
  • Consultations to establish a plan for adoption and implementation.
  • Augment your self-adoption with facilitation or coaching meetings.
  • On-site support for going deep into Holacracy practice.
  • Digital support so you don't have to ever go it alone.
  • We are happy to speak on other topics if we have the expertise. Please reach out with your request.