Zero-to-Three Reflective Educator Apprenticeship

If you are an energetic, open-minded teacher, willing to foster curiosity, exploration, and hold respect for young children, you may be a good fit!  One of Our Neighborhood’s values is authenticity. As such, we hope that our teachers will bring their full selves to work, with all their diverse perspectives to share. First and foremost, Our Neighborhood team members should love working with children. Teachers act from a belief that young children are competent individuals worthy of a loving engaging environment. Strong candidates have a disposition towards learning and reflection, collaboration skills, and the ability to be self directed. We expect and support our team to continue growing professionally, as we believe all people are lifelong learners.

Our Neighborhood provides many professional development opportunities for teachers to learn and grow; through which you could grow to be the teacher you want to be. In this apprenticeship program teachers work and study for two years to earn a Zero-to-Three Reflective educator credential. We will teach you all there is to know about supporting infants and toddlers while you work with them alongside amazing mentor teachers.  One unique part of Our Neighborhood is the opportunity to have a voice in the school’s organization. Through Holacracy, teachers can find roles that fit their strengths and participate in enrollment, hiring, and more! As a teacher at Our Neighborhood, you will have an opportunity to learn from diverse teaching teams and contribute your gifts to a thriving school. We hope you will join us in positively impacting the lives of young children and families.


  • Interacting and connecting with children, families, and Our Neighborhood partners in ways that support strong relationships, respect, and collaboration. 
  • Working in a co-teaching team to maintain a healthy, safe, and engaging classroom environment, develop curriculum, and care for all children.
  • Communicating daily with families, scheduling and conducting bi-annual parent-teacher conferences, supporting families in their learning.
  • Fostering a rich Reggio-inspired curriculum based in a strong view of children as learners and thinkers.
  • Using Our Neighborhood philosophies (ex: RIE, Nonviolent Communication, Conscious Discipline, Circle of Security) to inform daily practice.
  • Approaching conflicts as opportunities to learn, and coaching children to be problem solvers.
  • Learning about and participating in Holacracy, a unique organizational structure allowing for an agile, self-governing system, rather than a traditional hierarchical approach.
  • Creating a safe environment for children to take healthy risks. 
  • Keeping composure to support children through challenges. 
  • Maintaining awareness, presence, and attunement in a fast-paced changing environment.
  • Receiving and implementing feedback in a team of reflective teachers.
  • Reflecting on your work and observations to grow as a teacher.
  • Maintaining a clean and safe environment


  • Ability to manage the physical demands of caring for active children, being outdoors in all weather, bending, and lifting.
  • Must be vaccinated for COVID-19 or have a religious or medical exemption. 


  • This position is full-time. 
  • Salary: $32,510-38,500
  • Health insurance, paid time off, dental insurance, retirement contribution

Salary: 32,510 - 38,500

Job Type: Full Time

Email a cover letter and resume to [email protected] to apply.