Baby’s Nutritional Needs – 0 to 6 Months

Young babies do not need solid food. From a nutritional standpoint babies are getting all they need from their breast milk or formula. It is also not recommended to give young infants water. Infants up to age six months do not need water and it could interfere with their sense of hunger and satiation. Solid foods are not needed for calories and young babies may not be able to swallow or digest solid food. Many families wait until six months to offer food of any kind. Explore the next slide as you start to think about food. 

Most common mistakes we see is at this age is stressing about starting solids. Parents worry but there is no rush!


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Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. This framework is based on our experience and research. We promote practicing cued care and do not advocate for any specific feeding regime or counting children’s calories. The age ranges and the idea of percentages are to help families see there is normal variability across children and families. Look at the graphic as a framework knowing that each child and family is different.


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