Our Neighborhood Benefits

Health Insurance

Our Neighborhood provides group health insurance through Anthem HealthKeepers. Our Neighborhood contributes 75% of the teacher’s premium and the team member is responsible for the remaining 25%. If desired, teachers can select to add their spouse or dependents to the Our Neighborhood group health plan. Our Neighborhood contributes 50% toward the health plans of dependents. Health insurance benefits begin 60 days after the date of hire.

Dental Plan

Additional, we have the Anthem Dental Plan. Our Neighborhood pays 75% for employees but does not contribute to dependents dental insurance.


Our Neighborhood has a 401K retirement plan through Human Interest.

Part time employees working more than 10 hours a week and full-time employees are eligible for retirement based on the following conditions. Employees must be at least 18 years of age. Employees are eligible after 12 months of service.

Our Neighborhood matches 100% of employee contributions up to 1% then 50% matching contribution of next 5% of employee’s contributions.

The matching funds contributed by Our Neighborhood are held until employees have been at Our Neighborhood for 2 years, at which point the employee becomes fully vested. Employees are automatically enrolled upon eligibility. Employees can contribute either to a Traditional 401k or a Roth 401k.

Child Care Tuition Discounts

Children of team members can attend Our Neighborhood for discounted rates, if space is available.

  • Part time team members receive a 25% tuition discount.
  • Full-time team members receive a 40% tuition discount.
  • Each team member will receive an additional 5% discount for each year they have been with Our Neighborhood up to a maximum of 70% off tuition.

Teachers are exempt from the tuition deposit requirement. Teachers receiving a childcare discount are not eligible for most discounts we offer to families except for the multi-family discount. Only a maximum of two children per team member are eligible for discounted rates. Childcare is not typically available for professional development days or other workshops. The teacher must arrange other care. Teachers are expected to follow the expectations laid out in of the parent handbook when their child is in care.

Corporate ACAC Membership

Our Neighborhood wants to support our team to be and stay healthy. All teachers are eligible for discounted memberships at ACAC. The corporate membership waives all sign up fees and offers the first month free. In addition, it includes membership to all of their locations as well as the water park.

Membership fees with the 15% plus $20 subsidy as follows:
Individual: $71/month
Couple: $134/ month
Family: $158/month


If you were scheduled to work and cannot work because we are closed for a holiday or school closure then you will be paid for that day. Teachers that work alternate schedules will get paid for holidays if they fall within their normally scheduled hours. An up to date school calendar can be found here.

Paid Time Off

Paid time off is all vacation and sick leave. Full-time team members will accrue 16 hours of sick leave per year, this will be prorated for team members who join Our Neighborhood mid-year. Each pay period full-time team members accrue 3 hours of PTO. After a team member has been with the organization three years they will accrue 4 hours per pay period. On the team member’s fifth anniversary and each anniversary their after the team member will accrue one additional day.

Family Leave

Our Neighborhood extends family leave for the addition of a child to full-time team members. Salary paid during this time is based on employee’s time with the organization. Team members are not eligible for paid leave before 12 months of service. Team members are also welcome to leave for up to 9 months unpaid.

  • 0-12 months: not eligible
  • 12-24 months: 50% salary for 1 month leave
  • 2 – 5 years: 80% salary for 2 months leave
  • 5 or more years: 80% salary for 3 months leave

Paid Professional Development

Our team is committed to growing and learning. We have nine days a year where we are closed to children and the teaching team focuses on learning together. Additionally, we regularly support teachers to attend webinars, conferences, and study tours to continue to deepen their learning.

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