1, 2, 3 The Toddler Years

by Irene Van der Zande

Recommended by ONCDC


“1, 2, 3… The Toddler Years” is a fabulous resource for parents of budding toddlers. This book will help you see your growing toddler as strong and capable while providing you skills to understand your child and support your child to cooperate. This is a great read for parents who want to build peaceful, respectful, and strong relationships with their growing toddlers. This is also a great resource for early childhood educators and a great teacher gift. You will certainly find yourself rereading, referencing, and exploring “1, 2, 3… The Toddler Years” again and again.

Key Points:

  • Peaceful relationships are possible in the toddler years
  • Understanding and taking toddler perspective


  • I wish for more, more examples, and more words to use