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Learning Together with Young Children

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Just as the title states, “Learning Together with Young Children” is a curriculum framework for reflective teachers. Deb Curtis and Margie Carter beautifully outline a reflective framework that support teachers to practice intention, reflective, authentic, project based teaching in their classroom. Though not specifically “Reggio inspired” much of the writing in “Learning Together with Young…

Parenting from the Inside Out

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One of Daniel Siegel’s earliest books “Parenting from the Inside Out”  provides parents current attachment research in a digestible format. This book will help you process your own history of attachment and how that might impact your parent-child relationship. This is one of our favorite books for parents who are interested in reflective practice and…

Raising a Secure Child

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When I was first introduced to the Circle of Security, I was immediately drawn to its simplicity and profound impact on the way we think about parenting. “Raising A Secure Child” is a quick and easy way to dive deep into reflecting on your parenting and how to support security in your child. The authors…

No-Drama Discipline

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“No-Drama Discipline” is a great read. Some of the wording is different than what we use at Our Neighborhood but the ideas are very respectful and the brain research backing up this more peaceful approach is clearly explained. The book is funny and quick with lots of practical advice for parents. You won’t come away…

Siblings without Rivalry

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The best resource for a growing family. First time parents are taking in a lot of information to prepare for their new role and it will still always throw you for a loop. No matter if your first born was easy, challenging, in a groove or out of control adding a sibling will always be…

Getting Things Done

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This book will change your life. If you are a do-er, you need this. “Getting Things Done” (GTD) by David Allen is not a book, it is a movement. The GTD movement is strong among leaders in a diverse ray of fields. Did I mention this book will change your life… You will learn from…

How to Talk So Little Kids Will Listen

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This is an easy to read guide to interacting with young children.  The chapters focus on particular strategies or skill that help you and your young child interact in a healthy way. These tools really work well beyond age seven. If you are needing perspective and help with supporting a young child emotionally, this is…

Sleepless in America

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This is by far the best sleep book on the market! “Sleepless in America” walks you through the various challenges that parents face when it comes to sleep.  It talks a lot about the importance of sleep, and how sleep deprivation can drastically affect your child. It also offers many suggestions and ways to diagnose…

The Yes! Brain

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Daniel Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson do it again! This is another fabulous book for parents to understand their children’s brains and help children build their capacity to live a meaningful and joy-filled life. Each book these authors write articulates so clearly the research of how to raise healthy children while honoring the challenge of…

The Visionary Director

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“The Visionary Director” is the first book we recommend to early childhood leaders looking to build an intentional program. A beautifully written book examining the complexity of early childhood programs, this offers leaders deep insight, reflective protocols, and practical suggestions. There is little more to ask for in terms of a book for leaders. “The…