by Chip Heath and Dan Heath

Recommended by ONCDC


A beautifully written challenge to what we think about our own decision making. Powerful reflection for any leader and practical protocols to work into team structures. Anyone who works to make value-based decision in their lives could benefit from learning the research of “Decisive” by Chip Heath and Dan Heath

Key Points:

  • My favorite decision protocol I use from this resource is 10/10/10. In this practice you think about how you’ll feel about the decision 10 minutes, 10 months, and 10 year.
  • Some of the other decision making practices were also helpful and very relevant no matter the nature of the decisions your making.
  • I appreciated the examples that helped me to think about how I may be able to implement some of these practices in my decision making.


  • It’s a bit long, not going to be life changing so if you’re an avid reader of nonfiction add it to your list but there are likely many others I’d read first if I gave a short list.