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Learning Together with Young Children

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Just as the title states, “Learning Together with Young Children” is a curriculum framework for reflective teachers. Deb Curtis and Margie Carter beautifully outline a reflective framework that support teachers to practice intention, reflective, authentic, project based teaching in their classroom. Though not specifically “Reggio inspired” much of the writing in “Learning Together with Young…

Rising Strong

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Brene Brown is definitely on our list of favorite authors and she continues to change the world with her writing. The best thing about “Rising Strong” is that it accepts that people are fallible and everyone will make mistakes and then teaches the reader how to work though and learn from their struggles. This work…

Getting Things Done

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This book will change your life. If you are a do-er, you need this. “Getting Things Done” (GTD) by David Allen is not a book, it is a movement. The GTD movement is strong among leaders in a diverse ray of fields. Did I mention this book will change your life… You will learn from…


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The authors studied great influencers of humankind and how they influenced so many people.  The skills and knowledge in this book are all learnable and bring a new perspective on how to truly influence others. This is a great book for those that are looking to influence themselves and others. Powerful research based practices and…


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Mindsight is a great book for those looking for a deeper looking into how our brains work.  Daniel Siegel provides insights and tools to better understand the brain and promote emotional wellness.  Though this isn’t specifically for parents it is a great life book and so we recommend it for parents, educators, and all leaders!

Thinking, Fast and Slow

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“Thinking, Fast and Slow” explores brain research into adult thinking and decision making a powerful resource for leaders who are dedicated to value-based decision making. The authors explain our decision making structures including some of the faults and biases we all have. As an educator this is a new perspective on some of the brain…

Training Teachers

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This is an old gem not as popular or widely read as some of Deb and Margie’s other works but it is equally as powerful. So often we manage and teach adults in direct contradiction with the way we hope they will work with children. “Training Teachers” invites the reader to take a social constructivist…

The Visionary Director

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“The Visionary Director” is the first book we recommend to early childhood leaders looking to build an intentional program. A beautifully written book examining the complexity of early childhood programs, this offers leaders deep insight, reflective protocols, and practical suggestions. There is little more to ask for in terms of a book for leaders. “The…


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“Holacracy” opens up a whole new possibility to get out of the predict and control mindset of business. This book inspired us to adopt Holacracy and provides and helpful introduction for those who are curious about alternatives to the traditional management structure. Holacracy will change you life, and your business, it is not easy but…


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A beautifully written challenge to what we think about our own decision making. Powerful reflection for any leader and practical protocols to work into team structures. Anyone who works to make value-based decision in their lives could benefit from learning the research of “Decisive” by Chip Heath and Dan Heath