Simplicity Parenting

by Kim John Payne and Lisa M. Ross

Recommended by ONCDC


This is a pleasurable read, easy to navigate and a good balance of story with practical tools for parents. “Simplicity Parenting” is especially healthy for families who are worried about their child’s behaviors and for families with a child who has a diagnosed behavioral issue. The book isn’t a cure all and lacks some of the researched based backing that our favorite books have but if you find yourself drawn to this book it is well worth the read.

Key Points:

  • Creating space for mental and emotional wellness is equally as important as creating space when physical illness arise.
  • Part of our role as caregivers is to protect children from the overwhelming nature of the world by simplifying their schedule, environment, and choices.


Simplifying is not a cure all while the principles are good most parents will want more skills to be the parent they want to be and many children with genuine behavioral challenges will need support in addition to simplifying.