The Fourth Trimester

by Kimberly Ann Johnson

Recommended by ONCDC


Nothing can really prepare you for the change you undergo as you become a mother. Many parents-to-be focus on the birth and the physical preparations that need to be made for a baby. “The Fourth Trimester” provides a detailed look at the emotional a physiology preparations that help support an easeful transition into parenthood. Johnson offers historical context, practical advice, and many opportunities for reflection. This book is a great resource help parents prepare for this big life change, as much as one can prepare.

Key Points:

  • The period after birth is a significant time that would be wise to treat with care.
  • New mothers need mothering themselves so they can care for baby.
  • This huge life change will affect your relationship with your spouse.
  • Slow and intentional return to exercise is essential to long term recovery.


  • There are a few things that are impractical for most families.
  • Some may find the book too spiritual or mystical.