Working the Reggio Way

by Julianne Wurm

Recommended by ONCDC


Many educators naturally resonate with the Reggio approach to education. Unfortunately most Reggio teacher resources are written at a deep philosophical level. “Working the Reggio Way” is an accessible introduction for teachers who are new to Reggio. It is written by an American and so it has all the biases and all the benefits of that perspective. We recommend it. It is relatable and can start you on the path towards transforming your teaching.

Key Points:

  • The first chapter is our favorite part of this book because it really invites the reader to reflect on their vision and values.
  • We also use the fourth chapter in our orientation process because it explains the idea of looking at projects in a new light.
  • The approach to time chapter is one we reference often.


It is a simplified explanation through the lens of the author.