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Learning Together with Young Children

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Just as the title states, “Learning Together with Young Children” is a curriculum framework for reflective teachers. Deb Curtis and Margie Carter beautifully outline a reflective framework that support teachers to practice intention, reflective, authentic, project based teaching in their classroom. Though not specifically “Reggio inspired” much of the writing in “Learning Together with Young…

Hundred Languages of Children

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This is the go to book for those who are interested in studying the Schools of Reggio Emilia. Unfortunately that means it is quite long, dense, and philosophical. It is not an easy read with more than 400 pages each of which could be studied for more than a month expect this to be a…


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It is hard to find books that authentically represent the reggio approach while providing useful information about how it may be adapted for your setting. This is even more challenging for programs serving children infants.“Bambini” offers a number of reflections on the practices of the schools of Reggio Emilia that can help teachers and administrators…

Training Teachers

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This is an old gem not as popular or widely read as some of Deb and Margie’s other works but it is equally as powerful. So often we manage and teach adults in direct contradiction with the way we hope they will work with children. “Training Teachers” invites the reader to take a social constructivist…

The Visionary Director

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“The Visionary Director” is the first book we recommend to early childhood leaders looking to build an intentional program. A beautifully written book examining the complexity of early childhood programs, this offers leaders deep insight, reflective protocols, and practical suggestions. There is little more to ask for in terms of a book for leaders. “The…

Working the Reggio Way

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Many educators naturally resonate with the Reggio approach to education. Unfortunately most Reggio teacher resources are written at a deep philosophical level. “Working the Reggio Way” is an accessible introduction for teachers who are new to Reggio. It is written by an American and so it has all the biases and all the benefits of…

Balanced and Barefoot

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Amazing resource for parents or teachers interested in supporting children’s physical development. Angela Hanscom packed Balanced and Barefoot with research into the importance of movement for all aspects of learning and development. I found it especially interesting Hanscom’s evaluation of the research into sensory processing disorders and the possibilities to support children of differing needs.…

The Art of Awareness

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One of the best resources out there for teachers to develop their documentation and observation practices. Margie and Deb are early childhood heros that are able to articulate so well how to move towards reflective teaching. This is a book you want to buy, have on the shelf, and you will reference again and again.