Catchphrase – You did it!


Sometimes it’s hard to find just the right words to say. These catch phrases can help by offering you go-to phrases in stressful situations.

You did it!

Children are constantly working hard in so many different ways to learn new things. As young children are experiencing new challenges for the first time in life, it is important to notice the process they have overcome to get to where they are. 

Your child has been working on zippers a lot lately. You have been giving them space and time to practice this skill, noticing how they get closer and closer to learning how to unzip and zip up several materials. She practices on her lunchbox, jacket, shoes, dad’s jacket, your bag, and more. One day, as you walk toward the door to leave the house, your child surprises you. She’s standing by the door smiling, waiting to go to school. Her previously open lunchbox is zipped shut, and her jacket is picked up from the floor, on her body, and zipped up. “Wow!” you say, “You worked really hard to get dressed and ready for school. You did it!”


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