Catchphrase – How can you help?


Sometimes it’s hard to find just the right words to say. These catch phrases can help by offering you go-to phrases in stressful situations.

How can you help?

Context: Looking across the playground, you see someone who needs help with something. You naturally want to help them. Instead, you resist the urge. This is an opportunity to teach children to learn about what it means to be a good citizen. When others are stuck in a tricky situation, we want to see friends checking on one another and offering help. Sometimes the children don’t want to offer their help. Sometimes the child going through the tricky situation doesn’t want help. We expect the children to respect each other. It’s important that we emphasize and ask children open questions. 

“I see ____is stuck on the stairs. How could you help ____?”

“You don’t want help. How can you come down the stairs?”

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