Nutrition for Young Infants

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Right from the start our goal as parents is to set up a healthy relationship with food. Bottles and breastfeeding are forms of nutrition and comfort for young children but we want children to develop healthy habits from the start. These practical tips will help you start off on the right foot with your baby’s relationship with food.

Breast Milk

The very best food for infants is breast milk. If you can and want to breastfeed your child, you should. If you struggle with feeding, are stressed about your child’s weight, or do not want to breastfeed your child will not be harmed if you choose not to breastfeed. While breast milk is the best thing for infants, you must feel calm and comfortable to begin creating a good food relationship. If you are continually stressed, uncomfortable, or unhappy breastfeeding, it is not what is best for your baby. If you wish, there are breast milk banks where you can buy breast milk as well. If your child is in childcare, you can always go to the child care center to breastfeed.


If, for whatever reason, you decide not to use or to supplement breast milk there are many commercial formulas available. We have not noticed any preference among families for one formula over another. If after a few weeks you are noticing your child is still refusing, spitting up, or otherwise reacting badly to the formula, you may want to try another brand. Formula can be purchased as a powder or a pre-mixed liquid. The powder is much cheaper and typically what families choose.


“Breastfeeding is hard and I just think all moms who breastfeed deserve a prize. There is a lot of judgment either way so just do what feels best to you.”   

~Our Neighborhood Mom


“The whole world changed for me when I realized formula was not poison. She started sleeping through the night and we decided supplementing was not a big deal.”

~Our Neighborhood Mom

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