Quarterly Reflective Practice with Deb Curtis

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January 20, 2018

Deb Curtis is returning to Charlottesville to work through a reflective practice with teachers! Participating educators will commit to a year of quarterly meetings for one week day each quarter and the Saturday following.

​Each quarter, the group will meet at the observation program and begin by discussing the focus of the observation. The cohort will explore materials the group plans to offer the children. The cohort of educators will then offer the materials to children, observing, taking notes, and photographing their engagement. After working with the children the group comes back together to reflect on their work and develop learning stories or other documentation regarding the experience. The Saturday following the week day groups all cohorts come together to share their learning stories. All participating educators will get to see what others are working on, invite colleagues, and continue to deepen their practice. Over the course of the year you will earn 30 professional development hours.

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