What to do with the naked runner?


This is a very common challenge for parents. As adults, we can empathize with the desire to just be naked and free, especially for children who spent most of their lives wearing uncomfortable diapers. We recommend being honest and up front with your child about when they can and cannot be naked. At school, we tell children, “I won’t let you play in the classroom until you put your pants on. What can I do to help you with that?” Children will test this limit just like they do others, at which point teachers will physically stop them from moving out of the bathroom area until they are dressed. Making the expectation clear, helping them stay focused, and preventing them from running should stop them from running away naked. At home you might have a time and space when children can be naked and you simply need to clearly express that limit.

If this becomes a habitual problem we recommend offering a little more help and then easing off the help after your child gets back into a good rhythm. Sometimes toddlers will resist our help. You can simply say, “I know this can be a tricky time for us so I want to offer you a little more help so we get to play lickity-split.” Back off as you can but be sure it doesn’t lead to dilly-dallying. We want children to feel what completing the task in a timely manner feels like so that they can get back into that rhythm.


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