by Brian Robinson

Recommended by ONCDC


“Holacracy” opens up a whole new possibility to get out of the predict and control mindset of business. This book inspired us to adopt Holacracy and provides and helpful introduction for those who are curious about alternatives to the traditional management structure. Holacracy will change you life, and your business, it is not easy but it is transformational.

Key Points:

  • Organizational structures and job descriptions rarely represent what is actually happening and almost never are moving us towards what is ideal.
  • While you can try to empower the fundamental fact that you have to empower implies people don’t hold the power.
  • Structure eats culture for dinner.
  • A living system without tension is… dead. The idea isn’t to avoid tension but to process it.


  • We have been engaging with the old hierarchical management structure for so long, change is hard.
  • A book won’t really do justice to the idea of Holacracy, you will need to read, watch, and experience more.