No-Drama Discipline

by Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson

Recommended by ONCDC


“No-Drama Discipline” is a great read. Some of the wording is different than what we use at Our Neighborhood but the ideas are very respectful and the brain research backing up this more peaceful approach is clearly explained. The book is funny and quick with lots of practical advice for parents. You won’t come away from this book feeling like you are wrong but rather with ideas of how to connect and support cooperation from day one. The authors have also developed a refrigerator sheet that’s a great resource for grandparents and babysitters!

Key Points:

  • Connection before redirection.
  • Discipline is not punitive. The goal of discipline is to teach.
  • When children are upset they need us Children are often more ready to learn when we wait.  


  • Sometimes the language seems condescending.
  • This isn’t as powerful as Daniel Seigel’s other books “The Whole Brain Child” and “The Yes Brain!”