Siblings without Rivalry

by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish

Recommended by ONCDC


The best resource for a growing family. First time parents are taking in a lot of information to prepare for their new role and it will still always throw you for a loop. No matter if your first born was easy, challenging, in a groove or out of control adding a sibling will always be another big adventure. “Siblings without Rivalry” is the answer. It invites parents to reflect on what they want for their children and how to be sure subtle everyday choices don’t undermine their children’s relationship. We recommend this as a must read for growing families.

Key Points:

  • Don’t compare your children, paint children into roles, or try to treat them perfectly equally it will lead to unhealthy relationships for the whole family.
  • Children need parents to see them as whole people which means they are complex and have different needs at different moments.
  • Small everyday choices make a big difference. Siblings don’t have to who hate each other.


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