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Over eight weeks you will learn Circle of Security Parenting™ (COSP) a research-based approach to secure attachment in parenting. This is a reflective model that requires participation. Individuals must commit to attend each of the 90 minute sessions. What will you learn about?

Circle of Security Parenting™ was developed by Circle of Security International as a way to get attachment research into the hands of parents.

  • Understand your child’s emotional world and learn to read their emotional needs.
  • Support your child’s ability to successfully manage emotions.
  • Honor your innate wisdom and desire for your child to be secure.
  • Build your capacity to know what to do when things are off track.

We love this relationship-based approach because we have seen the positive impact it can have on children and families. This structure of learning cohorts reflects how we believe people learn. You’ll have a chance to reflect in community, ask questions, take in content, and hear others stories. During this course, we invite you to reflect on how your needs were met or not met during your childhood; that can be triggering.

To maximize accessibility, this group is pay-what-you-will. You are welcome to set the payment to zero because it’s most important that you’re able to be with us!

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What ages is COSP relevant for? Babies? Teens?

The videos we will use are focused on children from infancy to age six. Circle of Security International recommends the course for parents with children ages four months and up because it can be harder to see the circle in newborns and if you do not have a child yet. We have found this content useful through the early childhood years and beyond. If you aren’t sure feel free to reach out.

Is this class an intervention?

No, Circle of Security Parenting™ is a course for parents at all levels of parenting. Circle of Security International has other initiatives including an intensive Circle of Security Intervention. The intervention is a 20 week program lead by a licensed clinician. Read more on Circle of Security International if your family needs deeper support outside of a group setting; we would be happy to connect you with local licensed clinicians that do Circle of Security Intervention work.

Should partners take this course together? Can one parent take it?

Sometimes parents ask about taking the course together. While it is really helpful for all caregivers to have the COSP content, it also can be difficult to take it at the same time Circle of Security Parenting groups are reflective groups. When a partner is there, you may find yourself worrying about them or thinking about what they are thinking, rather than doing the deep reflective work on yourself or speaking openly about your observations. We have had parents take the group together, but we offer this consideration to think about beforehand. Plenty of time just one parent takes COSP and that is fine.

What if I’m going to miss a session? Could my partner attend in my stead?

Unfortunately the content builds on itself so you will need to attend all the classes. We can schedule a time for a make up if you think you would miss just one class. If you would miss more than one of the scheduled classes it is best to choose another session. Because the content builds on itself partners cannot switch off who will be attending.


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