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Circle of Security Parenting™ Group

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Over eight weeks you will learn Circle of Security Parenting™ (COSP) a research-based approach to secure attachment in parenting. This is a reflective model that requires participation. Individuals must commit to attend each of the 90 minute sessions. What will you learn about? Circle of Security Parenting™ was developed by Circle of Security International as…

Why practice continuity of care?

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Our Neighborhood practices continuity of care, a system of keeping children and teachers together from infancy until age three. This practice is backed by research that tells us there are many benefits. Continuity of care promotes healthy brain development. It allows caregivers a deeper knowledge of the children and reduces stress on children and families.…

Mistakes in Parenting

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We all have moments where we aren’t our wisest, kindest, or best selves. For parents and caregivers these moments often trigger a lot of self-blame and regret but we have good news. These moments where we aren’t our best are important learning moments for our children. In fact, it is healthy for children to learn…

Responding to Fear

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Parent Question: I wondered if you had advice or resources for responding to a baby or child’s fear (at about 11 months in this case)? In the past week and particularly yesterday, our little one has been responding fearfully to some loud new sounds like the vacuum, carpet cleaner, and dogs barking. She cried/yelled and…