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Cancel the performance! Help your child stay engaged while keeping your sanity.

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Do you ever find yourself exhausted at the end of the day? You spent all day thinking of ways to keep your child “occupied?” Maybe you’re thinking that your job as a parent means you need to constantly provide activities and materials for your child. Good news! You’ve been spending all of your time to…

Managing Others Interactions with Your Child

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Parent Question: I am reaching out to see if you can point me to some resources for approaching parents who are disrespectful to children. I had a parent recently speak really aggressively to E and I didn’t want to react in the moment, and make a misstep. But now I would like to thoughtfully respond…

Teaching Children To Get Your Attention

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“Attention, actually shared attention, is a fundamental human need. Adults and children thrive when they have relationships rich with experiences of shared attention.” Young children can need a lot of attention from their caregivers and it is common for children to develop really irritating methods for getting your attention. Children are in fact very good…

Responding to Fear

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Parent Question: I wondered if you had advice or resources for responding to a baby or child’s fear (at about 11 months in this case)? In the past week and particularly yesterday, our little one has been responding fearfully to some loud new sounds like the vacuum, carpet cleaner, and dogs barking. She cried/yelled and…