Learning Together with Young Children

by Deb Curtis and Margie Carter

Recommended by ONCDC


Just as the title states, “Learning Together with Young Children” is a curriculum framework for reflective teachers. Deb Curtis and Margie Carter beautifully outline a reflective framework that support teachers to practice intention, reflective, authentic, project based teaching in their classroom. Though not specifically “Reggio inspired” much of the writing in “Learning Together with Young Children” explores Reggio Inspired practices and clearly is written to support teachers to develop a social constructivist classroom. This is our absolute favorite curriculum book and a great place to start for teams at any level!

Key Points:

  • Curriculum starts with the classroom culture.
  • High quality curriculum cannot be “teacher proof”; the teacher’s authenticity is crucial to the learning process.
  • Every caregiver will encounter unique challenges but must reject a scarcity mentality and embrace what (s)he can do.


It is a bit textbook like which can create a barrier for teachers who might feel it’s too big to approach. To those who are hesitant, I encourage you to dive in, you’ll love it!