Nonviolent Communication

by Marshall Rosenberg

Recommended by ONCDC


Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg provides an outline for respectful and productive communication. Though Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is not a parenting resource specifically, it is so valuable for reflective and respectful parenting practices. The skills of Non-Violent Communication continue to support a ‘working with’ model of parenting for reflective parents. These tools become increasingly powerful as children get older. There are many resources beyond the book, to help you shift your practice.mRosenberg’s work is simple yet profound and a big challenge to practice. This work is life changing for those who are willing to do the reflective work necessary to change their language.

Key Points:

  • Feelings give us insight to our needs.
  • Behaviors are driven by an underlying need.
  • When we communicate on a needs level it connects us.


This is not a magic bullet, it's hard work, and a big mental shift. You'll need to go deeper than just reading the idea in a book. We do have a community of practice to help those who are interested to go deeper.