Challenging Behaviors

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Teaching Children To Get Your Attention

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“Attention, actually shared attention, is a fundamental human need. Adults and children thrive when they have relationships rich with experiences of shared attention.” Young children can need a lot of attention from their caregivers and it is common for children to develop really irritating methods for getting your attention. Children are in fact very good…

Responding to Fear

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Parent Question: I wondered if you had advice or resources for responding to a baby or child’s fear (at about 11 months in this case)? In the past week and particularly yesterday, our little one has been responding fearfully to some loud new sounds like the vacuum, carpet cleaner, and dogs barking. She cried/yelled and…

Finger Sucking, Thumb Sucking, Pacifiers and Language Development

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Parent Question But I wanted to check in to see if you had any good resources on finger sucking. I’m gathering mixed info concerning when we should try and quit. My two year old is also having some trouble pronouncing some sounds but I’m not sure if it’s related to finger sucking or just because…

“Stay” with New Baby on Way

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Parent Question We have noticed our two year old has been saying “stay” a lot to both of us when it is time to part ways (e.g., at dropoff, when we’re putting him to bed).  We think it is probably related to changes or anticipated changes related to baby’s arrival. Do you have any advice…

Rough Touches Continue

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Parent Question Question here based on the Just a Minute Rough Touches session you did. When my 18 month old hits or scratches her dad or my face, usually while we are carrying her, we grab her hand and say, “That’s too rough.” followed by a “Do you need to be rough? Let’s go find…

Refusing to Get in the High Chair

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Parent Question So basically the issue is that recently my 18 month old has become more and more resistant (and more and more frequently) to getting strapped into her high chair for meals.  Sometimes she just fights it for a few seconds but once she’s strapped in and notices the food on the table in…