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Previously Independent Infant Struggling to Sleep

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I was reflecting on a family sharing with me that their previously independent infant seemed to be struggling with sleep and they just didn’t know what to do.  Mom just didn’t know how to help her infant sleep. The more I thought the more this reminded me of another family in this same struggle a…

Should I Sleep Train

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People often throw around the phrase ‘sleep training’. For different people it can mean different things but most often it involves a schedule of minimal responses to your child’s crying until your child finally falls asleep. For many families they have no idea what else to do and give ‘sleep training’ a try. A few…

Fears at Bedtime

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Sometimes children develop fears surrounding bedtime, night, or darkness. While the thing they are afraid of may not make any sense to an adult, the fear is real. Once when my partner was out of town and I thought I heard a noise downstairs, I became nervous and grabbed my cell phone. My mind flooded…

My Child Cries to Sleep

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Sleeping is not easy. Most children will cry, fuss, resist, and struggle to learn to sleep. Parents are best served if they let go of views of how much their child ‘should’ or ‘needs to’ sleep. Sleep is important but it’s not always easy. Even for adults it can be difficult to fall asleep. Young…

3 Things Parents Need To Know About Sleep

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The Overtired Problem When young children are tired but the environments and people around them are engaging them. They learn to keep themselves awake rather than listening to their body’s signals that they are tired. This is like an adult who is working to keep themselves awake to drive at night. When finally settling down…