Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE)

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Cancel the performance! Help your child stay engaged while keeping your sanity.

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Do you ever find yourself exhausted at the end of the day? You spent all day thinking of ways to keep your child “occupied?” Maybe you’re thinking that your job as a parent means you need to constantly provide activities and materials for your child. Good news! You’ve been spending all of your time to…

Screaming At vs. Screaming To

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As a team we are constantly reflecting on our view of children and how our perceptions shape our experiences. I found myself drawn to this idea recently exploring some of Janet Lansbury’s work. Janet explained that often caregivers think that their child is screaming at them. When you feel that a child is screaming at…

NVC and Basic Trust

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“If we can see our role as supporter, guide, and champion, we can relax. If we try to meet all of children’s needs this parenting journey is going to be quite stressful.” Our school does a lot of work with the RIE philosophy as well as nonviolent communication. Recently I was introducing a small group…