Nonviolent Communication

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Managing Others Interactions with Your Child

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Parent Question: I am reaching out to see if you can point me to some resources for approaching parents who are disrespectful to children. I had a parent recently speak really aggressively to E and I didn’t want to react in the moment, and make a misstep. But now I would like to thoughtfully respond…

Reflecting on the Words “I feel…”

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In tonight’s NVC Community of Practice we were discussing the distinction between an observation and an evaluation. We bounced around a bit but then got into some deep discussion around the common cultural practice of starting a sentence with “I feel…” then of course following it up with something that is definitely not an emotion…

NVC and Basic Trust

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“If we can see our role as supporter, guide, and champion, we can relax. If we try to meet all of children’s needs this parenting journey is going to be quite stressful.” Our school does a lot of work with the RIE philosophy as well as nonviolent communication. Recently I was introducing a small group…