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Prepare for a successful transition back to work after baby

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When should I go back to work? There are many opinions out there about when and if parents should go back to work after having a child. The only right thing is what is right for your family but we can share our experiences. Based on our extensive work with infants, toddlers, and families, I…

Reflect on the idea of returning to work after baby

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Benefits You will be contributing financially to your family. You will be growing as a professional and moving forward in your career. You will have someone to collaborate with about your child’s growth and development. Your child will get the opportunity to build other relationships and have other experiences. You may feel more able to…

Is staying at home the right choice for your family?

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Benefits You get to be with your little one all day. You get to make all the decisions about food, diapers, and toys. You get to set your schedule. Baby will have your full attention, love, and affection to build attachment, learn, and grow. Some families believe staying at home is best for young children’s…