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Hunt Gather Parent Book Cover

Hunt, Gather, Parent

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I enjoyed this book and there were a number of good nuggets of information in this book. One of my favorite quotes is “If a parent doesn’t demand and control a child’s attention then a child doesn’t demand and control the parent’s attention.” Multiple times helpful ideas were undermined by going too far or twisting…

Art of Roughhousing

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This is one of my favorite books for active hands-on suggestions. The Art of Roughhousing can be read start to finish or used for reference to pull little pieces from here or there. The author’s articulate the importance of tough and tumble or big body play so well. I felt like I walked away with…

The Gardener and The Carpenter

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Alison Gopnik has written a few books about her research into child development and children’s brains. Her third widely popular book “The Gardener and the Carpenter” dives into deep ideas about what it means to be a parent and the paradoxes of love and learning. Gopnik’s reflections on childhood are inspiring and challenging for parents…

Training Teachers

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This is an old gem not as popular or widely read as some of Deb and Margie’s other works but it is equally as powerful. So often we manage and teach adults in direct contradiction with the way we hope they will work with children. “Training Teachers” invites the reader to take a social constructivist…

Your Self-Confident Baby

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Magda Gerber is one of Our Neighborhood’s favorite authors and she is the founder of RIE, Resources for Infant Educarers. In the book “Your Self-Confident Baby”, Magda provides basic principles for families as they start to explore and develop their parenting style. We have found Baby Knows Best our favorite RIE resource because it is…

Dear Parent: Caring for Infants with Respect

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On many of the Our Neighborhood best books lists,  Dear Parent offers a beautiful invitation for new parents to prepare for a new baby without the guilt that is so prevalent in our society. “Dear Parent” was the first resource that inspired Our Neighborhood’s exploration and adoption of the RIE, Resources for Infant Educarers, principles.…

Balanced and Barefoot

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Amazing resource for parents or teachers interested in supporting children’s physical development. Angela Hanscom packed Balanced and Barefoot with research into the importance of movement for all aspects of learning and development. I found it especially interesting Hanscom’s evaluation of the research into sensory processing disorders and the possibilities to support children of differing needs.…