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Conscious Discipline

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A must read for new teachers. Makes the research really clear, accessible and practical. Conscious Discipline is the emotional self-regulation program we use at Our Neighborhood.  It’s a life-changing read that is thoughtfully written and based on solid brain research. The model is specific. The book, the philosophy underlying the approach, and the examples provided…

Brain Rules for Baby

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An interesting read for those curious about how to support children at home and school. “Brain Rules for Baby” by John Medina shares some current research into child development and brain development. The book is entertaining and well written though the research is somewhat selected to represent the authors own bias. We wouldn’t put this…

Being with Babies

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Good option for new infant teachers curious about the RIE approach in group care. This is an easy to read book for new teachers, the chapters are short and simple. The principles of this book are applicable in most early childhood settings and a great beginner starting point.

Balanced and Barefoot

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Amazing resource for parents or teachers interested in supporting children’s physical development. Angela Hanscom packed Balanced and Barefoot with research into the importance of movement for all aspects of learning and development. I found it especially interesting Hanscom’s evaluation of the research into sensory processing disorders and the possibilities to support children of differing needs.…