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Rising Strong

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Brene Brown is definitely on our list of favorite authors and she continues to change the world with her writing. The best thing about “Rising Strong” is that it accepts that people are fallible and everyone will make mistakes and then teaches the reader how to work though and learn from their struggles. This work…


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The authors studied great influencers of humankind and how they influenced so many people.  The skills and knowledge in this book are all learnable and bring a new perspective on how to truly influence others. This is a great book for those that are looking to influence themselves and others. Powerful research based practices and…


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Mindsight is a great book for those looking for a deeper looking into how our brains work.  Daniel Siegel provides insights and tools to better understand the brain and promote emotional wellness.  Though this isn’t specifically for parents it is a great life book and so we recommend it for parents, educators, and all leaders!

Sleepless in America

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This is by far the best sleep book on the market! “Sleepless in America” walks you through the various challenges that parents face when it comes to sleep.  It talks a lot about the importance of sleep, and how sleep deprivation can drastically affect your child. It also offers many suggestions and ways to diagnose…

The Yes! Brain

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Daniel Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson do it again! This is another fabulous book for parents to understand their children’s brains and help children build their capacity to live a meaningful and joy-filled life. Each book these authors write articulates so clearly the research of how to raise healthy children while honoring the challenge of…

The Importance of Being Little

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Erika Christakis’ “The Importance of Being Little” is a refreshing look at Early Childhood Education as a whole. This book looks at everything from curriculum to delivery, poking fun at our “want it all now” society. Christakis points out some of the key challenges we face as we try to navigate the need for high…

Thinking, Fast and Slow

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“Thinking, Fast and Slow” explores brain research into adult thinking and decision making a powerful resource for leaders who are dedicated to value-based decision making. The authors explain our decision making structures including some of the faults and biases we all have. As an educator this is a new perspective on some of the brain…

What’s Going On In There

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This is a comprehensive compilation of brain research and it provides a lot of helpful insight into young children’s brains. Unfortunately it isn’t very practically applicable, readable, or useful in this format. There is so much information but not a lot of usability. While I appreciate the author didn’t draw unfounded conclusions the raw research…

The Whole-Brain Child

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“The Whole-Brain Child” is an Our Neighborhood favorite. We appreciate the authors deep and insightful break down of the current brain research. “The Whole-Brain Child” shares practical tools without straying from the heart of the research being shared. This book is  geared for children who are a bit older. The early chapters are helpful for…


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A beautifully written challenge to what we think about our own decision making. Powerful reflection for any leader and practical protocols to work into team structures. Anyone who works to make value-based decision in their lives could benefit from learning the research of “Decisive” by Chip Heath and Dan Heath