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Beyond Discipline

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“Beyond Discipline” is our favorite of Alfie Kohn’s books, though “Unconditional Parenting” is also a very valuable read.”Beyond Discipline” is written for classroom teachers . Kohn delves into how our view of children underlies everything we do and why we need to move to a community model. Kohn then outlines what a community model would…

Being with Babies

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Good option for new infant teachers curious about the RIE approach in group care. This is an easy to read book for new teachers, the chapters are short and simple. The principles of this book are applicable in most early childhood settings and a great beginner starting point.

Balanced and Barefoot

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Amazing resource for parents or teachers interested in supporting children’s physical development. Angela Hanscom packed Balanced and Barefoot with research into the importance of movement for all aspects of learning and development. I found it especially interesting Hanscom’s evaluation of the research into sensory processing disorders and the possibilities to support children of differing needs.…

Baby Knows Best

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Our first recommendation for expecting families, an Our Neighborhood favorite. “Baby Knows Best” clearly explains the principles of RIE, Resources for Infant Educarers, through the eyes of the modern world. Deborah Carlisle Solomon outlines the tenets of RIE with specific details and stories to help parents begin to reflect on the parent they want to…

The Art of Awareness

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One of the best resources out there for teachers to develop their documentation and observation practices. Margie and Deb are early childhood heros that are able to articulate so well how to move towards reflective teaching. This is a book you want to buy, have on the shelf, and you will reference again and again.

Five Love Languages for Children

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An interesting resource if you are looking to try to learn how to better connect with your child. If you’ve read the original Five Love Languages book by Gary Chapman a lot in this book will be a review of the information you had already explored but this book has most of the content from…