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The No Cry Sleep Solution

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The “No Cry Sleep Solution” by Elizabeth Pantley is overall a fairly reasonable book. It is long and tedious like the Weissbluth book and presents a little more respectful way of helping your child learn to sleep. It completely rejects the “cry it out” methods, which is more respectful but not always reasonable for every…

Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems

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Dr. Ferber was the one of the first widely read authors to advocate for the “cry it out” method in 1985. This book, in its second edition, is more than an explanation of how to use the “cry it out” method. The book is very long and explains more about sleep research, how to develop…

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child

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“Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child” by Mark Weissbluth M.D. was on our recommendation list before we found “Sleepless in America”. This book is a lot information on the importance of sleep but isn’t as good as “Sleepless in America”. If you’re pregnant and trying to have a plan for sleep, it may be helpful or…

Sleep: What Every Parent Needs to Know

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Sleep is a book designed to share what is typical and what is problematic in regards to development of sleep in children, birth through teenage years. The book has some general advice that is common in the public domain regarding options for ‘sleep training’ and the importance of routine. A large portion of the book…

Sleepless in America

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This is by far the best sleep book on the market! “Sleepless in America” walks you through the various challenges that parents face when it comes to sleep.  It talks a lot about the importance of sleep, and how sleep deprivation can drastically affect your child. It also offers many suggestions and ways to diagnose…

12 Hours of Sleep by 12 Weeks

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Overall this book provides a framework for families to work off of and plan from there are parts that are not supported by developmental research, are not safe, and are not recommended. Additionally there are parts of this book that contradict the Our Neighborhood philosophy. “12 Hours of Sleep by 12 Weeks” by Lisa Abidin…

90 Minute Baby Sleep Program

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The biggest value in this book is that it encourages you not to let your child get overtired. Again this is a prescriptive schedule of when your child should sleep. “90 Minute Baby Sleep Program” by Polly Moore was a popular one among our 2012 cohort of families. In this book, it is based on…